Engine Block Ring title image

Engine Block Ring

An unconventional ring with eye catching appearance, that becomes the theme of an engine block's cylinder in its entity.

- Size: dependent
- Band: ---
- Details: whole ring in engine cylinder shape
  holes for installation of engine
  holes for cylinder head assembly
  open deck design for water cooling
  precision casting
- Material: Silver
- Weight: approx. 20 g
- Price: European Customers: 90 € plus shipping
  International Shop: approx. 90 $ plus shipping and your country's VAT


Order: Available in various sizes from diameter 18 mm via email to info@engineers-jewelry.de. (Order also possible via my Shapeways online shop.)


You are looking at a ring representing one cylinder of an engine block. Extraordinary about this ring is the fact that it is not only a usual ring with a theme fitted to the top section. Instead the entire ring is the theme itself.

It features the holes for installation and those on the sealing face. The vertical ring shaped cavity around the cylindrical combustion chamber shows the open deck construction of the part and contains the water cooling.

V6 Motorblock Form

Due to the intention to turn this ring as a whole into its theme I want to point out the very high bandwidth of 14 mm underneath the finger. Experience shows that the details at the side of the ring are not uncomfortable or even noticable, however the width of the bottom section is infact at times noticable.

The piece comes in a small wooden box (see pictures at the bottom).



Engine Block Ring 1

Engine Block Ring 2

wooden box